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April Zhou


Chief Learning Officer

I am probably the loudest, both literally and figuratively, introvert most of you will meet. Hint: you will hear me clearly even if I lecture without a microphone in a 500-people auditorium. But in true introvert fashion, I recharge by skydiving from 18,000 feet or traveling alone. None of these, though, stopped me from learning and mastering the arts and sciences of networking as a first-gen immigrant in the United States. 

But I was once a shy teenager from China. The pivotal point came in 2017 when going to law schools did not work out. I was forced to reflect on my why in studying law, and I identified “creating social impact” as my true motivator. So education was my next best option – almost seven years later, this “Plan B” has become my lifelong calling and inspired my mission to empower the international students and first-gen immigrants community. In framing my mission, I challenged myself in building connections and having uncomfortable small talks. On this journey, I grew as a mission-driven educator and became a pro at networking.

As a core member at Growbie, I am thrilled to be making a profound impact on the lives of international students and aspiring professionals. I am also a proud graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with 10 years of experience in mentoring and teaching. 

Connect with me or write to me at

April Zhou
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