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About Growbie

We are the FIRST career development platform for international students that focuses on networking.

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From international students. For international students.

We are focused on one problem, a problem that’s close to our hearts and have personally gone through it: helping international students to land their dream offers in America. 

​There are one million international students in the US every year. One million talented, motivated, high-skilled STEM talent. However, 80% of us leave the country after their education despite wanting to stay in the first place. Cultural differences, lack of network and career readiness skills, and regulatory challenges have shut millions of international students out of employers’ doors.

We are addressing this issue by focusing on a more efficient and unspoken channel for international students: networking. 85% of the jobs in the US are filled through networking and yet we are still spending time submitting resumes online. 

Networking is scary to most international students due to language barriers and cultural gaps. But our team has dedicated our entire existence to master networking, from goal setting to follow ups, step by step. 

Founded in 2022, Growbie stands for growth mindset newbies. Unleash, transform, and thrive with Growbie.

Our Story


We are social entrepreneurs who care deeply about impact. Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to empower every deserving international student to work and thrive in America.

Growbie is here to unlock career success for first-generation immigrants. Growbie is the FIRST career development platform for international students that bridges the cultural gap, develops career-readiness, and fosters a STEM talent pipeline. 

Our first focus is to provide comprehensive networking bootcamps to help aspiring international students and working professionals from all backgrounds reach their career and personal goals.

Our Mission

A Cloud of Color

Our Ethos

Diversity and inclusion drives innovation

Everyone deserves equal access to opportunities 

Gradient Background

Growth mindset always: our abilities aren’t set in stone

Meet The Team

Growbie Team Member

Jashin Lin


Founder & CEO

Growbie Team Member

April Zhou


Chief Learning Officer

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