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Networking Bootcamp

Unleash Your Potential

The Navigator is designed for goal-getters who have experience studying, working, or living abroad and are ready to take their career to the next level. Navigator provides the tools and resources needed for individuals to confidently network to unlock their career potential. With their guidance and support, participants can gain the courage and confidence to confidently explore and launch into their next career step.

10 Days Immersive Learning

Five live sessions and five days of asynchronous learning designed to elevate your networking skills to a new height.

Lifetime Support

Intimate bootcamp experience

Experience our specialized bootcamps with small groups, ensuring personalized attention and a collaborative learning environment

Exclusive access to Growbie social gathering

Meet new people and make friends

Lifetime Cohort

Make this bootcamp experience a life-lasting relationship

Real-time personalized feedbacks

Practice and improve your networking skills based on constructive feedbacks from our instructor and peers

Employer connection and referral opportunities

Broaden your career potential. Note there may be times when we do not have suitable opportunities to offer.

Buddy Pair Up

Meet like-minded peers

Like-minded Community

Surround yourself with our mindful community who share the path of self transformation

Life lessons and experience sharing

Exchange experiences and life lessons from people in Growbie's network

Practice opportunities

Get your feet wet by mock practices in live sessions

Early access to Growbie career events

Unlock opportunities before anyone else

Growbie Alumni Network

Join our alumni network to connect to exceptional people

Comprehensive Networking Framework & Tools

Bring home practical networking guides

Meet The Instructor: April Zhou

April Zhou


Lead Instructor

April is the Lead Instructor in Growbie’s networking bootcamps. With unwavering dedication to education, she’s a visionary in education and a catalyst for transformative learning experiences for a diversity of students. Holding a Master's in Education from the University of Pennsylvania, April brings a unique blend of expertise in networking, communication, relationship-building, innovation, research methods, pedagogy, and design thinking. 

April completed her undergraduate with dual degrees in social psychology and political science at the University of California, San Diego. Her research and teaching experience began in 2016, where she collaborated with post-docs to facilitate undergraduate and graduate social psychology classes ranging from a 15-person discussion to a 500-people lecture. Outside of academia, April’s remarkable journey also includes piloting the world’s first certificate program in Education Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania and training over 200 college counselors to shake the education industry in China. 

As a young yet recognizable force in international education today, April continues to shape the future of learning, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of students and professionals alike. When asked what’s one thing she wants future Growbies to know, April always says “to millions of international students and working professionals – you have everything you need to become better at networking and communicating.”

Lead Instructor April Zhou

Upcoming Dates

Growbie is a premium networking bootcamp with a mission to equip aspiring international students and young professionals with the skills and networking capabilities to succeed. Each of our bootcamp  has a maximum capacity of 20 learners, guaranteeing the highest quality learning experience possible.

Start Date


Dec 21, 2023

Jan 18, 2024

School Break Intensive

Jan 2, 2024

End Date


Dec 30, 2023

Jan 27, 2024

School Break Intensive

Jan 6, 2024

​Bootcamp Schedule

Navigator Timeline

Level Up with Growbie

  • Live Sessions: 9PM-10:30PM Eastern Time

    Starts Dec 21

    500 US dollars

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  • Live Sessions: 4PM-5:30PM Eastern Time

    Starts Jan 2, 2024

    500 US dollars

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  • Live Sessions: 8PM-9:30PM Eastern Time

    Starts Jan 18, 2024

    500 US dollars

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Level Up with Growbie

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