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Recorded Expert Content + Pitch Guidebook + 15-min 1v1 Personalized Coaching


Are you feeling anxious about pitching to potential employers? Do you find yourself unsure of where to even begin? In today's rapidly evolving professional world, mastering the art of the elevator pitch can be a real game-changer. Whether you're navigating a nerve-wracking networking event, seeking crucial funding, stepping into an important interview, or even gearing up for a career fair as a student, your capacity to convey your story succinctly is absolutely vital.

We invite you to seize this golden opportunity by joining our transformative masterclass. Through the comprehensive recorded course, hands-on personalized practice, and a treasure trove of valuable take-home resources, you'll emerge with the confidence to craft a pitch that resonates and opens doors to exciting possibilities. And that's not all – students who sign up will also have the exclusive opportunity to receive a 15-minute one-on-one guidance session virtually via Zoom. This personal touch is designed to help you perfect your elevator pitch and ensure you're ready to make the most of every opportunity.

Don't let fear hold you back from the opportunities this season can bring. Join us in this immersive experience and let's hone your pitch for success during this prime recruiting period.

Elevator Pitch Master Class

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