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Empowering International Students

We Unlock Career Success

Join Growbie's Expert-Led Bootcamps to Master Networking Skills and Unlock New Career Opportunities

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Are you facing the problem with... 

Cold Applying to Thousands of Jobs Without Offers?

Low Confidence in Networking?

Struggling with Cultural Differences?

Feeling Held Back by Language Barriers?

Lacking a Professional Network?

Uncertain About Job Market Expectations?

Your Career Solution

At Growbie, we help international students master networking skills to thrive in a new culture. Inspired by the Chinese proverb “teaching you to fish”, our teaching philosophy is grounded in helping you turn networking theories into actions. 

Our networking bootcamps are meticulously designed by seasoned educators to provide learner-centric, hands-on, and step-by-step training in networking for international students. 

Your network is your net worth. Supercharge your net worth by joining our bootcamps!


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​What you will get

Intimate bootcamp experience

Experience our specialized bootcamps with small groups, ensuring personalized attention and a collaborative learning environment

Exclusive access to Growbie social gathering

Meet new people and make friends

Lifetime Cohort

Make this bootcamp experience a life-lasting relationship

Real-time personalized feedbacks

Practice and improve your networking skills based on constructive feedbacks from our instructor and peers

Employer connection and referral opportunities

Broaden your career potential. Note there may be times when we do not have suitable opportunities to offer.

Buddy Pair Up

Meet like-minded peers

Like-minded Community

Surround yourself with our mindful community who share the path of self transformation

Life lessons and experience sharing

Exchange experiences and life lessons from people in Growbie's network

Practice opportunities

Get your feet wet by mock practices in live sessions

Early access to Growbie career events

Unlock opportunities before anyone else

Growbie Alumni Network

Join our alumni network to connect to exceptional people

Comprehensive Networking Framework & Tools

Bring home practical networking guides

Alumni Story

We are proud of our alumni story. Let us help you achieve the same success and join Growbie today.

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Image by benzoix on Freepik

Building Growth







Delivering Excellence


We boosted the courage to initiate contact from 6.2 out of 10


We elevated our cohort's networking prowess from 4.9 out of 10


We achieved a bootcamp satisfaction rating of 8.4 out of 10


We raised networking conversation confidence from 5.2 out of 10


We enhanced the skill of nurturing meaningful relationships from 6.3 out of 10

Get to Know Us

We are the FIRST career development platform for international students to develop networking skills and unlock career potential.

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Yellow Wall

Growbie works

Growbie's workshop went over some very important concepts in networking, which was very helpful for me. It gave us lots of confidence that networking is also a learnable skill set and not something that people are born with.

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