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Networking Crash Course

Unlock Your Success

Unlock the power of networking with Growbie's new asynchronous learning product! Enhance your networking skills with 22 expert-led recordings on our interactive platform. Learn from industry leaders and improve your professional connections with our comprehensive and engaging course.

In addition to the recordings, you will gain exclusive access to a 2-hour Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with our esteemed Chief Learning Officer, April, and Founder, Jashin. This unique opportunity allows you to receive personalized insights and tailored advice directly from top experts in the field, ensuring that you can apply what you learn to your specific career goals.

Start your networking journey today and gain the flexibility to learn at your own pace. Growbie's course is designed to help you succeed and make a memorable impact in your industry. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock your full potential and build meaningful professional relationships.

Key Learning Points


Learning Flexibility

Learning Flexibility

Systematically master Networking skills at your own pace and schedule.


Tailoring for Impact

Tailoring for Impact

Master networking skills to make a personal impact and unlock career success.


Crafting Your Unique Value

Crafting Your Unique Value

Discover techniques to succinctly communicate your value proposition, showcasing your skills, experiences, and aspirations.


Confident Delivery

Confident Delivery

Master the art of confident and engaging delivery, using body language, tone, and pacing to convey professionalism and authenticity.


Practice & Interactive Q&A

Practice &
Interactive Q&A

Complete post-learning exercises after each lesson to solidify your skills. Get any confusion cleared up during our interactive Q&A session.


Engaging Learning

Engaging Learning

Enjoy 90 days of engaging and interactive learning on our exclusive platform, allowing you to learn and retrieve knowledge whenever you need it.

Who Should Attend

This networking crash course is well-suited for individuals seeking to enhance their networking skills and make a memorable impact, with flexibility and autonomy.




Course Timeline

Laptop Office Worker
Online Tutoring


  • Date: Anytime

  • Location: Anywhere 

  • Duration: Flexible(within 90 days)

  • Learn all about networking at Growbie's innovative and interactive learning platform.

2-Hour Instructor

Q&A Session

  • Time: At the end of the course

  • Duration: 2 hrs

  • Location: Zoom

Course Instructors

April Zhou


Lead Instructor

April is the Lead Instructor in Growbie’s networking bootcamps. With unwavering dedication to education, she’s a visionary in education and a catalyst for transformative learning experiences for a diversity of students. Holding a Master's in Education from the University of Pennsylvania, April brings a unique blend of expertise in networking, communication, relationship-building, innovation, research methods, pedagogy, and design thinking. 


April completed her undergraduate with dual degrees in social psychology and political science at the University of California, San Diego. Her research and teaching experience began in 2016, where she collaborated with post-docs to facilitate undergraduate and graduate social psychology classes ranging from a 15-person discussion to a 500-people lecture. Outside of academia, April’s remarkable journey also includes piloting the world’s first certificate program in Education Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania and training over 200 college counselors to shake the education industry in China. 


As a young yet recognizable force in international education today, April continues to shape the future of learning, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of students and professionals alike. When asked what’s one thing she wants future Growbies to know, April always says “to millions of international students and working professionals – you have everything you need to become better at networking and communicating.”

Lead Instructor April Zhou

Jashin Lin


Founder & CEO

While at Boston University, I loved the sense of belonging and shared purpose when I engaged in extracurriculars. Whether it was collaborating with bandmates to make beautiful music or resolving my residents’ emergencies after college parties, these experiences taught me that meaningful learning reaches deeper than textbooks. However, I noticed that many other Chinese international students tended to sit on the sidelines in their own bubbles with a “just here to study” mindset. I am always puzzled at the phenomenon that we have a lot of international students, but few international leaders. I had an urge to break this pattern because representation matters


To encourage my peers to not be visitors, but owners of this formative experience. I founded Project X (now Growbie) to inspire more Chinese students at BU and beyond. Seeing other Chinese students embrace new experiences in America, rise into campus leadership roles, and land their dream job offers after my mentorship brought me tremendous satisfaction. The ripple effect of the inspiration, helping others break down barriers and pursue their best selves, is what keeps Growbie growing and thriving today.

Jashin Lin.jpeg

Learning Platform

For students who have enrolled in our Crash Course, please click the button below to start your networking journey!

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