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International Student Career Fair

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An Update from Growbie

After careful consideration, we have decided to postpone Growbie's International Student Career Fair ("Career Fair") due to several factors affecting the delivery of a high-quality event that our international student community deserves. We are no longer accepting applications, and we will reach out to those who have applied once a new event is scheduled. Our commitment to the success of international students remains unwavering. We firmly believe that bringing reputable and influential employers to the Career Fair is essential to your career advancement. Consequently, we have chosen to delay the event to ensure that we can uphold our standards and provide you with the best possible opportunities.


We understand the challenges you face because we were once international students ourselves, and this drives our commitment to your success. Growbie remains dedicated to unlocking your career success through networking and community. We have helped over 130 students become better networkers in order to land their dream jobs. If you are interested, feel free to check out our Networking Bootcamp.


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For more information about Growbie, please visit our home page.

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